Williamson Equine Veterinary Associates welcomes you to our website!
Dr. Debbie Williamson has been serving the equine community in Georgia for the past 24 years and is now also happy to be serving the Maryland equine community as well. Williamson Equine Veterinary Associates  (WEVA) Mission is to provide the highest quality veterinary care for our equine friends at reasonable pricing.  WEVA specializes in quality general medicine, minor surgery, lameness, and acupuncture.  Dr. Williamson’s practice includes Computer Radiography, High Quality Ultrasound, and Thermography.  Dr. Williamson is an FEI (Federation Equestre Internationale) licensed veterinarian in Three Day Eventing and is an IVAS certified Acupuncturist.  In addition, Dr. Williamson serves on the US Eventing Safety Committee and also served on the Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Committee for the AAEP (American Association of Equine Practioners).   
In an effort to better serve our clients and patients WEVA proudly presents our Online Pharmacy. 
And in order to offer One Stop Shopping, we are also offering a pharmaceuticals for our companion animal friends (dogs, cats).
WEVA understands the special role your animals play in your family and we are dedicated in helping them get the best health care possible.  We also understand the need to shop for the BEST PRICE for their medications.  We are also very aware of the problem with getting counterfeit products, repackaged products, out of date drugs, and just plain fraud on the internet.  Many of the products available on popular, well advertised internet sites are not made or manufactured in the United States, but in other parts of the world where packages can be easily duplicated and the ingredients are whatever is readily at hand.  So, with the help of  one of our major distributors, we are able to provide you with ONLINE SHOPPING for your animals. 
Most importantly, we can control the SAFETY of all of the available products because they are coming to you directly from the same safe United States source that we purchase for our in hospital pharmacy or directly from the Manufacturer.  Since these medications are sent directly from an efficient warehouse, you can enjoy the SAVINGS– without paying the additional cost from our more convenient hospital pharmacy in which we have to pay inventory turn around costs, rent, labor, utilities, etc.
In addition, this website is linked to our in-house computer system so that we can keep track of all of your animal’s presciptions in their medical records-just like we do when you fill their medications at our office/truck. 
The safety of your animal is our utmost concern. 
Enjoy our website and please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have at 404-310-6478. 
We look forward to serving you!